Russian trains: information, description, pictures of trains in Russia

Here you can find necessary information (description and pictures) about Russian trains. We present the most comfortable and famous trains of Russian Railways, the most popular among tourist and locals.

Trains between Moscow and Russia
Red Arrow (Krasnaya Strela) Express (double of Red Arrow)
Smena Northern Palmira (Severnaya Palmira)
Afanasy Nikitin Two Capitals (Dve Stolitsi)

Grand Express Megapolis

Trains between Russia and Finland:
trains between Helsinki and St.Petersburg, Helsinki and Moscow
Allegro Lev Tolstoy
Trains between Russia and former Soviet republics: 
trains between Moscow and Kiev, Moscow and Riga
Capitals' Express (Stolichny Express) Latvian Express (Latvijas Ekspresis)

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