Train tickets for Russian railways: routes, timetable, prices

If you travel in Russia by train, we will make for you the train booking for any direction in Russia and then buy your train tickets out.

Train tickets prices and timetables for the most popular destinations:





NB! If you are interested in any other train tickets, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail          Book your train ticket!

Advantages of train ticket booking with us:

  • Get best berth (seats) or cheaper tickets!
  • Avoid waiting in queues in train stations to buy the train tickets!
  • Avoid the communication barrier while trying to explain to the booking office staff (who speaks only Russian) which train ticket you want to buy!
  • Get the complete & fast service with maximal comfort!
  • You will get the service in English and also you will be supplied with all the tourist information you require! 
Options to book and buy the train tickets for Russian railway with us:
To get a ticket for the train you prefer and travel in the class you wish, you need to book your trip in advance, not later than 40-50 days before the departure date of a train.
Types of train tickets in Russia:
  There 2 types of trai tickets in Russia: ordinary tickets (paper tickets) and electron tickets. Both tickets' options are of the same value, but they look diferently and have different modes of issuing.
Types of Russian trains:

In Russia there are two types of trains: regular and express (high-speed trains). Both types of trains have normally 1st and 2nd classes. To choose the right class for you, you have to realize the difference:

First class is a 2-berth compartment:


Second class is a 4-berth compartment:


In Express train (high-speen train Sapsan) you may reserve a seat. Your train trip, for example, from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow or vice versa will take you only about 4 hours. Here you may also choose between 1st and 2nd classes. The 1st class carriages are a bit more comfortable.

Second class

First class

Train Tickets Delivery
We can deliver your train tickets wherever you want by courier service. The price depends on the destination. Please, contact us to find out the cost. Also you can pick up your train tickets free of charge in our Saint-Petersburg office.

For further information and questions or if you simply need an advice, please, contact us.

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