Folk show "Feel yourself Russian!" in Nikolaevsky Palace

Nikolaevsky Palace, pl. Truda 4

The Art-Center “Nikolayevsky” (located in Nikolaevsky Palace of XIX century) gives you more than just an opportunity to see the unforgettable folk show performance "Feel Yourself Russian!": you will not only FEEL involved - you will BE really involved! During two hours of this dynamic & colorful show, you will hear tuneful folk songs, watch sparkling dances of different areas of Russia. You will also learn that some items - such as saws, wooden spoons, and other traditional household appliances, - can also be used as musical instruments! And - oh, miracle! - suddenly you will find yourself right on the stage dancing like a real Russian, playing folk games and enjoying yourself!

The folk show is represented with 4 professional folk groups:
"Peters Quartet", "Maidan", "Stars of St. Petersburg".

The show consists of two parts (45 minutes each) and lasts for about 2 hours including a break, during which the guests are offered some canapès with red caviar, cheese, ham, and also some fruit, champagne, red wine, vodka, juice and mineral water. During a break - live music is playing, beauties in crinolines are dancing for you!

NB! Prices re indicated in Russian roubles per person

01.01.2017 - 31.12.2017Price
Folk show "Feel Yourself Russian!" with drink reception 4000 RUB

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