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Dear visitors! here you can find some necessary information about living and travelling in Russia, interesting facts about the country and its most important cities. On this page you could also find some ideas what to see and how to spend your time in Russia. And, of course, you could take a look to some pictures from each city which will finally ensure you - Russia is worth visiting!

Russian Tips

In this section you could find information about the biggest country in the world - Russian Federation. You could find common information in figures about Russia, necessary information about measure, electricity and money systems, prepare for travelling in Russian climate and get aquainted with some Russian habits and traditions.


In this section you will get acquainted with the capital of Russia - Moscow. You will find here information about the city in general, contact details of all foreign embassies located in Moscow. This section will be constantly updating and later you will be able to find here the descriptions of most interesting places to visit in Moscow and its suburbs.

Saint Petersburg

In this section you could find out about the cultural capital of Russia - St.Petersburg. You will see here: tips about the city in general, contact details of foreign consulates in the Nothern capital, useful information about transport in the city. You can read about most important places to visit: museums, palaces, cathedrals, parks, bridges and suburbs.


In this section we will present you usefull information about the capital of Ural region - Ekaterinburg. You will see here the border between Europe and Asia, world famous historical places connected with Romanovs, unique "falling tower" of Nevyansk, picturesque nature and a variety of adventures to take part in (exploring mines, rafting, etc.)


In this section you could find about the center of Siberia - Irkutsk and it's main sight - world famous unique Lake Baikal. You will see the city and suburbs, museum of wooden architecture  or buryat village Ust-Orda. You could also choose from a variaty of activities on Baikal Lake, such as kayaking or dog sledge riding.


In this section you will see general information about the capital of Republic of Tatarstan - Kazan. You will find here usefull information about what to see in the city except the worlds famous ancient Kremlin and Mosque Kul-Sharif, take a look to the suburbs of Kazan with its monasteries and historical museums.


In this section we will provide you with general information about the Far East city - Khabarovsk - and its suburbs. You will see the main sights of the city, the information about the unique rehabilitation center for wild animals in Far East and unique nanay village of Sikhachi - Alyan with ancient petroglyphs (rock carvings) of XII century.


In this section you will find information about the main city of Yenisey province - Krasnoyarsk. You could find information about city's main sights and picturesque suburbs on the banks of Yenisey River - small town of Divnogorsk with important hydro electrical dam, national park "Stolby" with an opportunity to climb up unique rocks.

 Nizhny Novgorod

In this section you will take a look to the third biggest city of Russia - Novosibirsk, known also as a science capital of Russia with its unigue scientific city Akademgorodok. You can get acquainted with the biggest library in Siberia, biggest railway station on Trans Siberian railroad and with  largest theater in Russia - the Opera and Ballet Theater.


In this section you will get acquainted with a city, located at the foot of Ural Mountains and famous for its rich history and natural treasures. You can see the most important places to visit, starting from ancient village and "Doctor Zhivago" places, finishing with Kungur ice caves and the last Soviet political camp GULAG "Perm-36".


In this section you can find some usefull tips about the main city of Karelia Republic, famous for its picturesque nature and rich history. You can see the most interesting places to visit incide and outside the city, get aquainted with the islands of Valaam and Kizhi and Karelian natural reserves, waterfalls and thousands of lakes.


In this section you will find useful details about the capital of Butyatia Republic - Ulan-Ude. You will take a look to the histrory of Buryat culture, starting from an old traditional village with local dinner and folk show to exploring the Buddist temple Ivolginsky Datsan, from visiting the village of Russian Old believers to exploring modern city.

Veliky Novgorod

In this section you can get acquainted with general information about one of the oldest Russian cities - Veliky Novgorod, located about 200 km from St.Petersburg. You could find out some information about city's sights: an ancient Kremlin, oldest active men monastery in Russia and open-air museum of wooden architecture Vitoslavlitsy.


In this section you will see the general information about the Russian biggest port on Pacific Ocean and the most eastern point of Trans Siberian Railway - Vladivostok. We will provide information about city's sights such as Submarine Museum or the fortress, Spassk-Dalniy - unique zoological center, watching Amur Tigers.

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