Group Visa to Russia - Invitation for Russian Tourist Group Visa

Russian group tourist visa can be offered to a group that consists of more than 7 people who are going to apply for Russian group tourist visa in one and the same Russian consulate and in the same time (all together) and who are going to travel on the same dates and have the same route (itinerary).

Visa Support (Russian Group Tourist Invitation)

Russian group tourist invitation (visa support document) is a visa support document needed to get your group tourist visa. We - an authorized travel agency - issue an invitation which comprise a tourist voucher, confirmation of hotel booking & group list with passport data of all members of your group. It means that officially you must have a booking confirmation of your accommodation and route for your group for the whole period of your stay in Russia.

The price for such an invitation depends on the following facts:

  • the number of travellers in a group
  • whether you are planning to stay at a hotel or privately
  • which cities (towns) you are going to visit
  • whether you need a single or double entrance visa.

But anyway it will be cheaper than getting individual invitations per each person of a group.

Get your BONUS here!
You don’t want to pay extra for visa support (tourist invitation)? Book the accommodation or any other service for your group with us and get your group invitation free of charge!

If you book the accommodation on your own, we will be glad to offer you just our visa support document. The price for your group invitation will be calculated upon your request and will already include the registration fee (if necessary).

To order the group tourist invitation via our company, please, send us the request containing the above mentioned information by e-mail to

And we will reply you within 24 hours (on working days). Our friendly and experienced staff will send you a special ‘tourist application form for a group’ to fill in and advise you about the payment options.

If you have any extra or special questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

The documents needed for getting your Russian visa 

NB! Getting the invitation does not mean getting your visa.

To apply to a visa you should go to your local Russian Consulate with our visa support document (invitation), your passport, photos and some other documents required by the consulate.

At the consulate you should be asked to present the following documents:

  • Original or electronic (scanned) or faxed copy of your invitation
  • Your passport (that must be valid for at least 6 months after the supposed expiry date of your visa)
  • Copy of your passport’s vital pages
  • Two copies of Russian visa application form, filled in and signed by yourself
  • One (or two) passport-size photo signed at the back
  • Medical insurance
  • Consular fee  

NB! The Embassy rules and requirements might vary in different countries and even in different consulates of one and the same country. Please, ask your local Russian consulate about the latest changes in visa applications. The above mentioned list might be a bit shorter (or a bit longer)!

The Original of Your Invitation

If to obtain your Russian visa you need the original of invitation, we can send it to you by post upon your request.

For this purpose we use West-Post service (it is a regular Finnish post, but not a courier delivery – thus it is without guarantee). This service is provided for extra fee – 800 roubles per each person (invitation). The duration of such a delivery by West-Post is about 3-10 working days (depending on destination).

If you need the original of your invitation urgently or require a guarantee delivery, we can send it to you by courier or courier express delivery service such as FedEx (5-6 working days for delivery) or UPS (2-3 working days for delivery).

The original invitation can be also picked up at our office during our working hours.

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