Business Visa to Russia - Invitation for Russian Business Visa

This type of Russian visa is meant for persons who want to visit Russia on business purpose. This visa is ideal for short business trips.

NB! Business visa (and invitation) can be provided only for those who have permanent place of work outside Russia. Unfortunately retired persons or students can’t apply for Russian buisness visa.

It can be a single- or double- or multiple-entry visa.

This is also a good option for those who would like to have a little more flexibility for their travel or for those who want to spend in Russia more than 30 days.

But, please, note that according to the changes made to the visa legislation in October 2007 maximum stay in Russia without leave is 90 days in each 180-day period. This means that those who wish to stay longer than 90 days at a time should apply for another type of visa (for example, work visa).

Visa Support Document (Business Invitation)

Buisness invitation (letter of invitation) is a visa support document, needed to get your Russian buisness visa. 

We can offer you 2 types of business invitations: ORIGINAL invitation (paper document) & TELEX (coded invitation).

Order an invitation letter for Russian buisness visa.

The ORIGINAL is a paper document printed on the official form of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MID).

To see the costs of this business invitation option, please, see the table below. To order an invitation please fill in the booking form!

NB! Prices are indicated in Russian roubles per one invitation

PeriodTime for issuingPrice
Single entrance
1 month 30 days   60 EUR
3 months 30 days 65 EUR
Double entrance
1 month 30 days 65 EUR
3 months 30 days 70 EUR
Multiple entrance
3 months 13-15 working days 85 EUR
3 months 30 days 65 EUR
6 months 13-15 working days 85 EUR
6 months 30 days 70 EUR
12 months 13-15 working days 85 EUR
12 months 30 days 70 EUR

Each registration (for the maximal period up to 1 month) in St. Petersburg will be provided for 10 EUR.

Usually the consulate asks for the original of invitation in case of multiple-entrance visas. For single/double entrance visas a fax or scanned copy is usually acceptable. But, please, check it exactly at your local Russian consulate.

The originals of invitations can be sent to you by courier or courier express delivery service such as FedEx (5-6 working days for delivery) or UPS (2-3 working days for delivery). This delivery will be provided upon your request for extra pay. For this, please, contact us.

TELEX is a set of figures (a kind of personal code) which is sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MID) directly to the consulate or the embassy where you are going to apply to a Russian visa. It has the same value as the original invitation, but does not require any sending by post. And moreover the process of issuing telex usually takes less time.

NB! You can not apply for the telex until 45 days before the start date of your visa.

NB! Prices are indicated in Russian roubles per one invitation

PeriodTime for issuingPrice
Single entrance
1 month 3-5 working days 110 EUR 
3 months 3-5 working days 110 EUR
Double entrance
1 month 6 working days 115 EUR
3 months 6 working days 115 EUR
Multiple entrance
3 months 13-15 working days 140 EUR
6 months  13-15 working days 140 EUR
12 months 13-15 working days 140 EUR

If you are not sure which option to choose, please, contact us.

To order the business invitation via our company, please, fill in the booking form!

And we will reply you within 24 hours (on working days). Our friendly and experienced staff will send you a special business form to fill in and advise you about the payment options.

The documents needed for getting your Russian business visa

NB!Getting the invitation does not mean getting your visa.

To apply to a visa you should go to your local Russian Consulate with our visa support document (invitation), your passport, photos and some other documents required by the consulate.

At the consulate you should be asked to present the following documents:

  • Original or electronic (scanned) or faxed copy of your business invitation/or telex number.
  • Your passport (that must be valid for at least 6 months after the supposed expiry date of your visa)
  • Copy of your passport’s vital pages
  • Two copies of Russian visa application form, filled in and signed by yourself
  • One (or two) passport-size photo signed at the back
  • Medical insurance
  • Copy of an HIV test certificate (required for a visa of more than 3 months period)
  • Consular fee

NB! The Embassy rules and requirements might vary in different countries and even in different consulates of one and the same country. Please, ask your local Russian consulate about the latest changes in visa applications. The above mentioned list might be a bit shorter (or a bit longer)!

If you have any extra or special questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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