General Information

A visa to Russian Federation is a special document pasted in your passport, permitting stay in Russia for a certain period of time. Visas are issued by Russian Embassies and Consulates.

A visa shows entry & exit dates, your travel information, passport details and sometimes has a photo stapled to it. 

Please, note that together with the entry permit your Russian visa has an exit permit (till a certain date)! So, it is the matter of vital importance to leave Russia till your visa is expired to avoid penalties and troubles. 

The required document for obtaining Russian visa is the letter of invitation. The invitation might be issued by a Russian organization which has a special reference-number and accreditation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) or might be obtained by a Russian company or private person right at the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the local department for visas and registrations (OVIR) upon a special request. All above mentioned institutions are considered as a host party.

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