The documents needed for getting your Russian tourist visa

NB! Getting the invitation does not mean getting your visa. 
To apply to a visa you should go to your local Russian Consulate with your invitation to Russia.

At the consulate you should be asked to present the following documents: 

  • Original or electronic (scanned) or faxed copy of your invitation
  • Your passport (that must be valid for at least 6 months after the supposed expiry date of your visa)
  • Copy of your passport’s vital pages
  • Two copies of Russian visa application form, filled in and signed by yourself
  • One (or two) passport-size photo signed at the back
  • Medical insurance
  • Consular fee

NB! The Embassy rules and requirements might vary in different countries and even in different consulates of one and the same country. Please, ask your local Russian consulate about the latest changes in visa applications. The above mentioned list might be a bit shorter (or a bit longer)!

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