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Squares and Avenues of Saint Petersburg

Being one of the most visited and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Saint Petersburg is an architectural museum due to the magnificence of large palaces and cathedral and elegance of narrow streets, small churches and cozy embankments. The glorious collection of architectural masterpieces is complemented with richly decorated and well-arranged areas – wide and long prospects, small and huge parks, large or tiny squares. 

Nevsky Prospect

Being the main avenue of the city and one of the most famous symbols of Saint Petersburg, Nevsky prospect is a center of cultural, business and night life of the city, although it is still an architectural masterpiece.

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Moskovsky Prospect

Being originally the road to Tsarskoe Selo, Moskovsky prospect is the longest avenue of the city. It covers 9,5 km and is a unique avenue, showing the development of the city from mansions in the city center to modern edificies at its end.

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Palace Square

One of the biggest and definitely the most famous and visited square of the city, the Palace square is not only a historical sight, but also a main square and a place for parades, concerts and other cultural events of the city.

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St.Isaac's Square

Being unofficially called the main administrative square of St.Petersburg, the formeer Trade square was formed during hundred of years. Nowadays St.OIsaac's square with a magnificet St.Isaac's cathedrals is one of the city symbols.

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Senate Square

Famous for its location and historical events such as uprising of Decembrists in 1825, the Senate Square is one of the oldest central squares of Saint Petersburg and is world famous for the Iron Horseman monument.

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Theatre Square

Named after the world famous Mariinsky theater and housing the oldest Russian musical higher-education insitute - Saint Petersburg Conservatory, this square is one of the city's symbols.

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The Square of Arts

Originaly named Mikhailovskaya after Mikhailovsky Palace (the State Russian Museum), this square is one of the most artistic and elegant in saint petersburg. It houses several museums, theaters and concert hall.

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Ostrovskogo Square

Being created by the blueprints of K.Rossi, the ensemble of the Ostrovskogo Square is based on the monumental Alexandrinsky Theater, fantastic perspective street, named after its creator and Catherine's Garden with the monument to Catherine II.

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Vosstania (Uprising) Square

One of the oldest squares of the city, cituated on the crossroad of main avenues, it was created as the wolcoming site of the city and houses the first railway station, the monument to the Hero-City of Leningrad and many other historical sites.

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