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Parks and Gardens of Saint Petersburg - Mikhailovsky Garden

Situated in the very city center, Mikhailovsky (Michael) Garden is one of the most spectacular and well-appointed parks of Saint-Petersburg. From the south side Michael Garden is adjacent to the Mikhailovsky Palace (the main building of the State Russian museum), Ethnography Museum and the Benoa Wing. From the east the park's territory is bounded by Sadovaya street, from the north - by the river Moika, and on the west – by the Griboedov canal. At the north-western part of the Michael Garden is located the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. In 1712 the territory which now is occupied by the park was presented to the Empress Catherine. On the place of today Rossi Pavilion was mounted a small wooden palace, named "The Golden mansions" and the garden received the name of the Third Summer garden, although it was filled with fruit trees and berry bushes. Even 50 nightingales were brought from Moscow, Pskov and Novgorod provinces for this garden. In 1741 the architect Rastrelli began the construction of Summer Palace and the territory of the Mikhailovsky Garden was re-planned. In 1817 Karl Rossi started mounting Mikhailovsky palace instead of Rastrelli’s Summer Palace and in 1825 the former Third Summer Garden got the new name - the Mikhailovsky Garden. In 1822-1825 decoration of the park was made by such masters as architect Menelas, artist Ivanov and the gardener Schumann. In 1898 the Mikhailovsky Palace went to the supervision of Museum of Emperor Alexander III (the Russian museum) and the Garden became public. In the beginning of 21st century it was fully reconstructed and opened for visitors.

NB! You can visit this garden during our individual city tours, tours to Mikhailovsky (Engineer) castle or tours to churches and cathedrals of St.Petrsburg.

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