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Cathedrals and churches of Saint Petersburg - Alexander Nevsky Laura

Alexander Nevsky Monastery was founded by the decree of Peter the Great. The place for the construction was chosen as a place of victory in the Neva Battle in 1240 when Alexander Nevsky, a prince, defeated the Swedes; however, the battle actually took place about 12 miles away from that site. The project of the Saint Alexander Nevsky Monastery was created by the architect D. Trezzini and included: the Church of Annunciation, the Trinity Cathedral and 3 cemeteries. Mikhail Rastorguyev led the construction in the period of 1755-1774 after the half-built Trinity Cathedral which was about to collapse was demolished; and Ivan Starov between 1776 -1790 contributed to the construction of the monastery as well. After the founding of the monastery there appeared a small settlement with wooden houses for workers and servants, with a herbal and vegetable garden. On May 29, 1723 Peter I visited the newly built monastery and he ordered to transfer the relics of Prince Alexander from Vladimir to the new capital. In 1797 the monastery got the status of Laura – a monastery of the highest rank. The territory of Laura was intended to become a burial ground for the Imperial Family's members and court nobility, for prominent state and church figures, for military leaders, for outstanding scientists and eminent art figures – thus appeared the St Lazarus Cemetery in 1717, where the graves are adorned with magnificent tombstones and monuments of marble, bronze and granite, and the Tikhvinskoye Cemetery, founded in 1823, was turned into a necropolis of eminent art figures in 1835. During the Soviet Period the remains of Alexander Nevsky were taken to the Museum of Atheism located in the building of the Kazan Cathedral. In 1956, after the Stalin’s death, the monastery with its stunning Trinity Cathedral, where divine services were resumed again, was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1987 St Nicholas cemetery church was reopened and the Alexander Nevsky relic was returned to the Laura in 1989. Nowadays services are being performed in the both temples of the Alexander Nevsky Laura.

NB! You can visit this monastery during our individual city tours or tour  to The Temples of St.Petersburg.

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