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Bridges of Saint Petersburg - Italian Bridge

Situated in the very city center, surrounded by architectural sights, the Italian Bridge suits the vicinity due to its decoration in classical style of the beginning of 19th century. The elegant railings, beautiful floor lamps and lanterns, mounted on each corner of the bridge - these details make the Italian Bridge one of the most graceful and harmoniously decorated bridges. Named after the Italianska street, the Italian bridge firstly crossed the Griboedova Canal in 1896. It was a simple one-span wooden bridge raised high above the embankment level, so the stairs for entering the bridge were mounted and they are still on the same place. The modern bridge appeared in 1955 after numerous reconstructions. According to the plan of architects Vasilkovsky and Guttsait a new single-span metal bridge was lengthened to 19,5 meters and widened to 3 meters, decorations were made in classical style of the early 19th century, which made the Italian bridge one of the elegant symbols of the Northern Venice.

NB! You can visit this bridge during city tours or tours to cathedrals and churches of St.Petersburg.

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