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Bridges of Saint Petersburg - Bank Bridge

Created by the architect of Lions Bridge and Egyptian Bridge V.Tretter, the 25 meters long and only 1,85 meters wide Bank Bridge spans the Griboedova Canal in front of the present day State University of Economics and Finance. In the days of bridge constructing, in 1820s, this building was occupied by the Assignation bank, and the newly built wooden bridge was called accordingly – The Bank Bridge.

Quite similar in the design style to Egyptian bridge and Panteleymonovsky Bridge, the Bank Bridge became famous for its majestic sculptures of griffons. Standing on the both sides of the Canal, the mythological cast-iron griffons with golden wings, who were meant to be the guardians of treasures in mythology, are protecting the entrances to the narrow pedestrian bridge. The sculptures were created by Pavel Sokolov, the author of the sculptures of lions on the Lions Bridge and the sphinxes on the Egyptian Bridge. The heads of the griffons are topped with the steel frameworks like brackets with white round lampshades, which is the only illumination of the bridge.

NB! You can visit this bridge during city tour or tours to Cathedrals and Churches.

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