About Russia - tips about Saint Petersburg

In this section you could find out about the cultural capital of Russia - St.Petersburg. You will see here: tips about the city in general, contact details of foreign consulates in the Nothern capital, useful information about transport system of the city. You could read about the most important places to visit such as museums, palaces, cathedrals, parks and gardens, suburbian residences and estates.

General information
Foreign Consulates located in St.Petersburg

Here you can find contact details (address, phone numbers, e-mail) of all General Consulates of foreign countries, located in Saint Petersburg.

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Transport system

Being an important tourist and business centers of Russia, St.Petersburg is a bustling metropolis with a thoroughly developed transport system allowing both citizens and visitors to get to a place of destination using minimal time and effort.

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What to see in St.Petersburg

Palaces and museums of St.Petersburg

Here you could find information about a variety of large and small palaces such as Winter Palace (The Hermitage) or Menshikov Palace and a great number of museums in St.Petersburg, starting from State Russian museum to small museums-flats of Russian famous artists.

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Cathedrals and churches of St.Petersburg 

Here you could find information about ortodoxe life in St.Petersburg in facts and pictires: from its main impressive and world-famous Kazan and St.Isaacs Cathedrals to not so popular within tourists small churches.

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Monuments and Historical sites

Here you could find general information about a great number of munuments and histrorical sites, that were created during the more 300 years of Saint Petersburg's growing and became the city world famous symbols.

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Squares and avenues of St.Petersburg

Here you could find information about central squares of Saint Petersburg with the history, pictures and interesting facts. Also there's some information and pictures of main avenues of the city, such as Nevsky and Moskovsky Prospects.

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Parks and gardens of St.Petersburg

Here you will get acquainted with city's favourite places of relaxation and weekend walks (such as  central amusement park or Zoological garden) and historical parks and gardens of city center such as Summer and Alexander garden.

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Bridges of St.Petersburg

It is not a secret, that due to the numerous rivers and canals, Saint Petersburg is often called “Northern Venice”. Here you will find information about the main bridges of St.Petersburg - starting from city's symbol - drawing Palace Bridge to small bridges across canals.

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Suburbs of St.Petersburg

During your visit to St.Petersburg you should definitely find some time to visit its suburbs with country estates and summer residences of Russian tsars: magnificent and world famous Russian Versailes - Peterhof or not so popular, but surely worthy visiting, Gatchina Palace.

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