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Bridges of Saint Petersburg

It is not a secret, that due to the numerous rivers and canals, Saint Petersburg is often called “Northern Venice”. Its rivers, canals and smaller ponds with total length over 300 km are crossed with more than 1000 bridges!

There are about 800 small bridges across ponds and lakes in various parks and gardens, over 100 bridges are located at ports, marinas, yacht clubs, etc.

Exactly inside the city bounds there are 342 bridges of different sizes, styles and constructions. Some of them are huge transport arteries, some of them are just small pedestrian bridges.

Nowadays 13 bridges across Neva River are drawing bridges.

The longest bridge is Big Obukhovsky Bridge (2824 m)

The longest drawing bridge is Alexandr Nevsky Bridge (905.7 m)

The widest bridge is Blue Bridge (99.5 m)

Alexander Nevsky Bridge

Impressive for its dimesions and unique technical inventions, the 905,7 meters long and 35 meters wide the Alexander Nevsky Bridge is the longest drawing bridge of St.Petersburg.

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Anichkov Bridge

The Anichkov bridge is a three-bay stone bridge 54,6 meters long and 37,9 meters wide, world-famous for its decoration with 4 equestrian groups of statues “The Steed Tamers”.

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Bank Bridge

The 25 meters long and only 1,85 meters wide Bank Bridge across the Griboedova Canal became famous for its majestic sculptures of the cast-iron griffons with golden wings.

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Big (Bolshoy) Obukhovsky Bridge

The newest bridge in St.Petersburg, the Big Obukhovsky Bridge (called also Vantovy – Cable-stayed) is the only one bridge across Neva River, which does not draw its wings at night.

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Blagoveshensky (Lieutenant Schmidt) Bridge

24 meters wide and 301 meters long, it is the first constant bridge across the Neva River and the first drawing bridge on the way from the Gulf of Finland to the city center.

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Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge

The very impressive Bolsheoktinsky Bridge, designed as a railroad-like bridge, was the first bridge in Saint Petersburg with electrical system of elevating its drawing wings.

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Egyptian Bridge

The Egyptian Bridge got its name due to the magnificent sculptures of sphinxes. It is also unique, because it spans the Fontanka river at an 20 degrees angle.

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Exchange (Birzhevoy) Bridge

The Exchange bridge was constructed and decorated in the style of a Palace Bridge to complete the symmetrical ensemble of the Spit of Vasilievsky Island.

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Finland Railway Bridge

Finlandsky Railway Bridge consists of 2 separate one-way bridges, built closely to each other, and serves as the transport artery, connecting Russian and Finnish Railways.

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First Engineer Bridge

The First Engineer bridge across Moika River, measuring 20,05 meters long and 9,5 meters wide,is considered to be one of the most decorative bridges of the Nothern Venice.

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Italian Bridge

Elegant railings and beautiful lanterns, mounted on each corner of the bridge make the Italian Bridge one of the most graceful and harmoniously decorated bridges in St.Petersburg.

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Lions Bridge

This small pedestrian chained bridge is named and famous due to the cast-iron sculptures of Lions, guarding the entrance to the bridge and holding its chains.

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Liteyniy Bridge

Built in the most difficult place for construction works (Neva River has its maximum depth here), Liteyniy Bridge was the first in the city to get electrical lightning system.

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Lomonosov Bridge

Built as a part of 7-bridge composition on Fontanka River, the bridge preserved its original look with magnificent towers and massive chains, reminding about old drawing mechanism.

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Palace (Dvortsoviy) bridge

250 meters long and 28 meters wide, with quite simple design, the Palace Bridge is the second constant drawing bridge and, of course, the most known symbol of St.Petersburg.

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Trinity (Troitskiy) Bridge

The Trinity Bridge is the third permanent bridge across the Neva River, that was finished in 1903 for the 200th anniversary of Saint Petersburg.

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Tuchkov Bridge

The modern 216 meters long and 36 meters wide Tuchkov Bridge with granite piers and parapets is the widest bridge across Neva River and one of the busiest bridges in the city.

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Volodarskiy Bridge

Served mostly as a huge transport artery to the South-east of the city, Volodarskiy bridge is technically unique, but with a very simple design.

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