Siberia Teaches is the story of four friends traveling across Siberia during a crazy cold winter.

At the end of February, a crew of italian-finnish friends left for the biggest of the adventure TRANS-SIBERIAN "Helsinki-Beijing - Rail trip documentary".

Not a snowboard movie this time, but a real documentary which will tell the story of 3 snowboarders: Antti-Juhani "Naku" Piirainen, Tomi Passi e Stefano Benchimol and one photographer Andrea Schilirò, traveling the most romantic railway of the world, with the goal of discovering new spots to shred that nobody has ever filmed before.

Our company organized this trip and we would like to share trailer of this movie with our dear visitors: 

Group list: 

1) Matteo Maggi (Italy);
2) Andrea Schilirò (Italy);
3) Stefano Benchimol (Italy);
4) Antti-Juhani Waldemar Piirainen (Finland);
5) Tomi Oskari Passi (Finland);
6) Olli-Pekka Pesonen (Finland);


20.02 - departure from Helsinki, arrival in St. Petersburg (to Finlandsky train station). Transfer to Ladozhsky train station (by mini-van). Departure to Ekaterinburg. 
21.02 - day in train.
22.02 - arrival in Ekaterinburg. Transfer to the hostel. Check-in. Overnight in Ekaterinburg.
23.02-24.02 - free time in Ekaterinburg.
25.02 - Breakfast at the hostel. Transfer to the train station. Departure from Ekaterinburg (to Krasnoyarsk).
26.02 - day in train.
27.02 - arrival in Krasnoyarsk at 07:50. Transfer to the hotel "Tourist". Check-in. Day in Krasnoyarsk.
28.02-01.03 - free time in Krasnoyarsk.
02.03 - transfer to the train station. Departure from Krasnoyarsk (to Irkutsk).
03.03 - arrival in Irkutsk. Transfer to Listvyanka. Check-in in the hotel "Baikalskie Terema". Free time in Lisvyanka (Baikal).
04.03 - 05.03 - free time in Lystvyanka (Baikal).
05.03 - transfer in Irkutsk. Check-in at the hotel "Irkutsk".
06.03-08.03 - free time in Irkutsk.
09.03 - transfer to the train station. Departure from Irkutsk (to Beijing). 
10.03-11.03 - days in train.
12.03 - arrival in Beijing. Free time in Beijing.
13.03 - free time in Beijing.
14.03 - departure from Beijing to Helsinki.

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