Opening Bridges Schedule

St. Petersburg is possibly one of the unique cities in the world that every night is split in two parts (from the beginning of May till the middle of November – navigation period). It is because there are 13 bridges that cross the river Neva and at night they open for at least four hours to let large ships pass. 
See below the special ‘opening bridges schedule’ in order to have an idea at what time you can admire this brilliant show of St. Petersburg’s bridges or till what time you should managed to cross the necessary bridge to get successfully to your hotel or another place at night time:

Name of the bridge Drawing 
From To 
Palace Bridge (Dvortsovy)   01:25    04:55 
Blagoveshensky Bridge  01:25 02:45
03:10 05:00
Troitsky Bridge 01:40 04:50
Liteiny Bridge 01:50 04:40
Birgevoy Bridge 02:00 04:55
Tuchkov Bridge  02:00 02:55
03:55 04:55
Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge 02:00 05:00
Volodarsky Bridge  02:00 03:45
04:15 05:45
Sampsonevsky Bridge  02:10 02:45
03:20 04:25
Finlyandsky Bridge 02:20 05:30
Aleksandra Nevskogo Bridge   02:20 05:10
Grenadersky Bridge   02:45 03:45
04:20 04:50
Kantemirovsky Bridge  02:45 03:45
04:20 04:50

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