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Sightseeing in Russia: tours on Baikal Lake
Lake Baikal (meaning "nature lake" from Buryat language) is the world's oldest and deepest lake; Lake Baikal contains roughly 20% of the world's surface fresh water, and is located in the south of the of Siberia (between Irkutsk Oblast to the northwest and the Buryat Republic to the southeast, near the city of Irkutsk).
At 1,642 metres (5,387 ft),Lake Baikal is the deepest and the clearest of all lakes in the world. At more than 25 million years old, Baikal is also the world's oldest lake. Baikal is home to more than 1,700 species of plants and animals, most of which can be found nowhere else in the world and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.
Tours on Baikal Lake: panoramic tours, guided walking tours, active summer tours, ethnographic tours, winter fishing tour, special winter tours and activities, etc.
Here you can choose the most interesting tours for you!
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Panoramic tours

We offer you different tours on the shore of the most famous Russian lake Baikal. You can choose any tour to enjoy the nature!

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Ethnographic tours - Siberia and Buryatia

We offer different ethnographic tours in Baikal and Pribaikalye areas, where the traditions of Siberians are reserved.You can also learn about customs and mode of life of Buryats.

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Summer active tours

We offer different summer active and adventure tours on Baikal Lake: diving, kayaking, trekking, motor boat trip.

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Winter active tours

We offer different winter tours on Baikal:traditional Siberian winter activities, like dog sledge ride, ride along the shore by snowmobiles, winter (sub-glacial) fishing tour.

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