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Sightseeing in Russia: tours in Petrozavodsk, Karelia 
Petrozavodsk was founded in 1703 as Petrovskaya Sloboda by Peter the Great, who needed a new iron foundry for the Baltic Fleet at the time of the Great Northern War. By 1717, Petrovskaya Sloboda had grown into the largest settlement in Karelia. The Republic is located in the north-western part of the Russian Federation, between the basins of White and Baltic seas. There are 60000 lakes in Karelia (the largest and the most famous are Ladoga lake and lake Onega). Karelian language is quite close to Finnish (as it was the part of nowadays Finland earlier). 
Tours in Karelia (Petrozavodsk and surroundings): panoramic tours, ethnographic tours, active and adventure tours, tours to natural parks, cruises etc.
Here you can choose the most interesting tours for you!
We offer only individual tours!

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Panoramic tours

We offer different tours by car/bus or by foot to get acquainted with the history and modern life of Petrozavodsk - the capital of republic Karelia.
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Ethnographic tours in Karelia - Karelian Russia

We offer different ethnographic tours to see the places in republic of Karelia, where the old traditions, customs and mode of life of Karelian villages are still kept

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Tours to natural parks and reserves of Karelia

We offer you to enjoy the real Karelian nature in natural parks and reserves. You can see volcanoes, waterfalls, mountains, quarries, etc.

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Active tours in Karelia

We offer different active and adventure tours in Karelia: you can try rafting on the river, mountain climbing, etc. During this tours you'll be accompanied by professional instructors.

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Tours to Valaam and Kizhi islands

We offer tours to the Valaam and Kizhi islands, which represents the combination of church architecture open-air museum and natural park. Those tours are dedicated to the history of Karelia and Russian Orthodox church.
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Package tours to the islands of Russian North

We offer your package tours in Karelia:
- Petrozavodsk - Kizhi - Valaam (2 days / 1 night);
- Petrozavodsk - Kizhi - Valaam - Solovki (4 days / 3 nights);

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