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Mikhailovsky (Engineering) Castle
Mikhailovsky castle - residence of Pavel Imikhailovsky castle - residence of Pavel I
During the guided tour (with or without transfer) to the Mikhailovsky castle you will see the gala residence of the emperor Paul I. The castle was named after the patron saint of the Romanovs - Archangel Michael. It is the only building of the Romantic Classicism in Russia. You will get acquainted with the mystic history of the castle mainly devoted to the murder of Paul I. After that murder the Engineering College was placed in its building. Thus the castle got its second name - Engineering castle. 
During the excursion you will see the exposition named "The history of the castle and its inhabitants" and hear some mysterious stories. And, of course, you will visit the chambers of Paul I (where the murder took place).
NB! Prices are indicated per person in Russian Roubles
Name of the tourDuration1
Tour to Mikhailovsky (Engineering) Castle (without transfer) 3 hours 4700 2600 1900 1600 1350 1200
Tour to Mikhailovsky (Engineering) Castle (with transfer) 3 hours 8100 4300 3300 2600 2600 2300
Included: transport service (where transfer is included), guide service of English /German/ French/Spanish/Italian guide (other languages upon request) and entrance fee to Mikhailovsky (Engineering) Castle/and additional exhibitions (where necessary).
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