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According to the official data, by the beginning of 2005 there were only 154 hotels in Saint Petersburg, but the new hostels, mini-hotels and hotels appear almost daily in Petersburg. One of the most popular internet portals numbers more than 400 hotels and it’s not veiled in secrecy that the actual quantity of hotel far exceeds the official figures. Let’s find out the reason of this enormous difference in figures and clarify the discrepancy for instance on this example: in 1st Soviet street on one of the front building doors there is a short note saying “a cheap hotel in the centre of Petersburg. Phone number….” Although the address is not written, it’s absolutely vivid that this inexpensive hotel in St. Petersburg is situated in that very building behind that front door. But such cheap hotels of St. Petersburg, probably working illegally, are uncommon. The overwhelming majority of inexpensive hotels of St. Petersburg have another policy. There is a signboard, a cash department, and officially working personnel, but these hotels as a rule do not pass the official certification due to bureaucratic formalities, endless queues and additional charges. Besides cheap hotels of St. Petersburg usually consist of 3-4 room numbers that does allow them to receive a status of a hotel. 

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