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Russian railways is going to sell train tickets 60 days prior to trip

Starting from 12th November 2013, Russian Railways will be selling tickets for international trains and most popular Russian routes 60 days in prior to the departure date.
The routes in which you can book tickets 60 days before the scheduled trip: Moscow to St. Petersburg (train № 1 / 2, 3/4), Saratov (train № 9/10), Ulyanovsk (train № 21/22), Voronezh (train № 25/26), Kazan (train №1/2), Lipetsk (train № 29/30), Tambov (train № 31/32), Cheboksary (train № 141/142) and Nizhny Novgorod (train № 35/36).
Before that you could book a ticket 45 days before the departure date only. To find the cheapest options for your route, please, contact us.

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