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Squares and Avenues of St.Petersburg - Vosstania (Uprising) Square

One of the central squares of St.Petersburg is located on the crossroad of main transport arteries – Nevsky and Ligovsky prospects. The history of the square started in 1765, when Empress Elizabeth ordered to build the Znamenskaya Church on this site. The wooden church was restored in 1804 and the square got the name Znamenskaya.

The design of the square was created almost 40 years later, when the first Railway Station was founded here – it was Nikolaevsky railway station (nowadays called Moskovsky). In 1844 – 1851 the building was constructed by the plan of architect K.Ton. Together with the railway station on the opposite side of the square was built a hotel for city guests, that was called Znamensky Hotel, then Severny (Northern) or Bolshoy Severny (Big Northern) and finally after revolution – Oktybrskaya Hotel.

In the beginning of 20th century in the center of the square was placed a monument to Alexander III, but it was removed in 1937 and nowadays one can see this monument in front of the marble palace.

Znamenskaya square was a witness of tragic and bloody events of February revolution in 1917, so in honor of the revolution it was renamed (in 1918) to Vosstania (Uprising) Square and saved the name till today.

During the Leningrad siege the train station was used for evacuating the citizens and delivery of the military techniques. The square was transformed to a military springboard with fortifications. In 1940s on the Vosstania Square was started the new project of first metro line. The church was destroyed and on its spot was created (after a long pause, caused by war) the new metro station – Ploshad Vosstania (Uprising Square). The round pavilion was created by the architect Gankevitch in a classical style with round rotunda with a spire. The decorations of the interiors show the events of October revolution of 1917.

As the Leningrad received in 1945 the status of Hero-city, it was decided to create a monument in the center of Vosstania Square, as it was a military springboard and the city center during the war years. In 1985 the granite obelisk of 360 tones weight was mounted on the square to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Victory.

Nowadays, being the city center and the first welcoming sight for tourist, arriving by train to Saint Petersburg, the square was reconstructed, the building of Moscow Railway Station, pavilion of metro station and the hotel Oktyabrskaya were renovated. Two new giant trade centers were built several years ago next to the both entrances from metro station Vosstania Square.

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