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Squares and Avenues of St.Petersburg - Nevsky Prospect

Being the world famous symbol of St.Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect is the main avenue of the city. It runs from the Admiralty to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery with the length of 4,5 km and width up to 60 meters.

The building of the avenue started after the foundation of Alexander Nevsky Monastery to connect it with the opposite side of the city – Admiralty. During next 8 years the prospect was finished and got the name Road to Nevsky Monastery. From 1781 the Nevsky Prospect got its modern name. The part of the prospect from Alexander Nevsky Monastery to Vosstania square is unofficially called Old Nevsky Prospect, as in 1750s it was planned to straightened the prospect (along the modern Goncharnaya and Telezhnaya streets).

In the beginning of 19th century the prospect was restored, electric lanterns were installed and the first public transport – omnibus – started to run along the prospect. In 1907 the first tram line along Nevsky Prospect was mounted.

During the Soviet times the prospect was renamed into The Prospect of 25th of October, but the name was not popular and the city inhabitants still called it Nevsky. The first trolleybus went along prospect of 25th of October in 1936.

During the Leningrad Siege Nevsky Prospect was terribly damaged by bombs and you can still find a sign “This side of the prospect is the most dangerous during the artillery bombardment!” on the façade of 14, Nevsky prospect building.

With the end of the war many streets returned their original names and the prospect of 25th of October was renamed to Nevsky prospect again. It was renovated, ruined buildings were restored and in 1955 the first metro station on Nevsky prospect - Vosstania square (Ploshad Vosstania) - was opened.

Nowadays Nevsky Prospect is not only the main avenue of the city, but also the center of business, cultural and night life of the city with luxurious hotels and traditional restaurants, world famous boutiques and authentic small shops, modern trade centers and hundreds of architectural masterpieces, with a heavy traffic and crowds of tourists.

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