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Squares and Avenues of St.Petersburg - Moskovsky Prospect

Being the longest (9,5 km) and one of the straightest avenues of St.Petersburg, Moskovsky prospect was forming part by part in different epochs. That’s why going along Moskovsky Prospect you could enjoy different architectural styles from classic 18th century to monumental edifices of Stalin epoch.

The prospect started from the Sennaya square in the city center in the 18th century as the road to Tsarskoe Selo. On the side of the prospect one could still see the milestones, mounted in 18th century and later. The first one is located nowadays on the main post office (Glavpochtampt). Running through the city center, the prospect houses many historical building, especially apartment houses of princes and courts. Moskovsky prospect also houses several universities – University of Railway transport (with their interresing museum of railway Transport) and technological Univercity. In the garden of technological Univercity one could see the monument to the D.I. Mendeleev with his chemical table on the wall, created as a mosaic.

Next to the cross with another transport artery – Ligovsky prospect – one could see the Moscow Triumph Gates, created by architects Stasov and Orlovsky to commemorate the vicory in Russian-Turkish War.

Not far from this place there was a monastery, called Novodevichy (New Maiden) and monastery cemetery, where one could find the tombs of Russian poets, painters and other artists. Unfortunately all the churches of the monastery were destroyed after October Revolution and the cemetery was several times robbed.

In 1998 on Moskovsky prospect, next to metro station Park Pobedy (Victory park) for students was built a new branch of Russian National Library. And there is also a Moscow Victory park, laid out by citizens of Saint Petersburg to commemorate the victory in WWII.

Moskovsky prospect also houses on the biggest squares on the city – Moscow square with the monumental building of Soviet House and monument to Vladimir Lenin. Several years ago the square was decorated with a complex system of 11 fountains.

The prospect finishes on the Victory Square (created as the southern gates of the city), where in 1978 architects Anikushin and Speransky created the Monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad.

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