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Parks and Gardens of Saint Petersburg - Taurida Garden

One of the coziest and most elegant parks in the city center, the Taurida garden was laid out in 1783-1789 to the design of William Gould during the process of construction of Taurida Palace. Bounded by Kirochnaya, Potemkinskaya, Shpalernaya and Tavricheskaya streets, the garden’s area is about 21 hectares. On the place of a small river Samoroika was constructed a complicated complex of hydrotechnical system of two ponds connected with canals. The water was so clear, that starlet fish was casted off in main pond. The main pond was decorated with 2 small islands and with the ground, left from creation of the ponds, the architect designed so called “view hills” for observing the landscapes. In 1866 Tavrichesky (Taurida) garden was opened for visitors.

During the Soviet period the Taurida garden changes several names – it was called “ The park of culture and leisure of First five-year plan” in 1930s, The Children’s Park in the second part of 20th century and only in 1985 the original name was returned to the park.

By this time the park was several time reconstructed: it was terribly damaged during the flood of 1924 and leningrade siege, so the restoration works in the park were held after the WW II and the final wprks took place in 1997- 2001. Walking round the ponds, you could see the monument to the pioneers-heroes (opened in 1962) made by the sculptors Kostukhin and Novikov. In 1990 were opened monumets to Chaikovskiy and Esenin. The park is improved with trees and bushes. Old trees preserved mainly along the borders of the Taurida garden.

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