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Parks and Gardens of Saint Petersburg - Alexander Garden

Named after the Tsar Alexander II, the Alexander garden was opened in 1824. The history of the garden dates back to the early 18th century, when on the site of modern garden was situated Admiralteisky Meadow – a giant territory, used for public holidays, markets and even for pasture cattle. During Peter the Great’s time the main birch alley from the Admiralty main gates to Nevsky Prospekt was planted. During next years the territory of Admiralty meadow was developed and re-planned, and in 1874 it was finally opened as an Alexander garden.

The project of fountain was created by N. Benua and architect Geshvend and in 1879 the biggest fountain of St.Petersburg of that time was opened with a formal ceremony. In the end of 19th century the Alexander garden was richly decorated with busts of famous Russian artists: in the central part of the garden one can see busts of M. Lermontov, N. Gogol, M. Glinka; in the eastern part – V.Zhukovsky, in the western part – N.Przhevalsky. The most famous monument of Alexander garden is a statue of Peter the great – The Iron horseman (opened in 1782). In the end of 19th century due to the growing trees, which were hiding the monument, Alexander III decided to destroy the part of the garden and create an empty grass square around the monument. In 1896 another part of the garden was destroyed to build a street, connecting Nevsky Prospekt with a bridge to the Vasilievsky Island (Dvortsovy Proezd).

In the beginning of XXI century the Alexander Garden (called in different times as Labourers garden and Admiralty garden) was fully reconstructed, historical railing were restored, new trees and flowers were planted. Finally all the restoration works were finished in 2002.

NB! You can visit this garden during our individual city tours or tours to Hermitage.

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