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Parks and Gardens of Saint Petersburg

Walking along wide and busy avenues of Saint Petersburg or strolling on the narrow streets or cozy embankments you will see the “must-do” sights – luxury palaces, interesting museums, magnificent cathedrals, etc. But when you will get tired from the pace of the city, you can always hide in a various parks and gardens of the city among the shadow alleys and ancient statues, with sometimes more amazing and fascinating history, than the “must-see” sights.

Alexander Garden

Alexander garden is situated in the very city center right next to Dvortsovaya square and the world famous Hermitage Museum.

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Botanical Garden

Botanical garden is one of the oldest and biggest in Russia and is almost as old, as the city itself - it was founded in 1713 by Peter the Great.

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Catherine's Garden

Catherine's is located on Nevsky Prospekt in front of the famous Alexandrinsky Theater and boasts the only monument to Catherine the Great in St.Petersburg.

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Central Culture and Leisure Park

Central Culture and leisure park is situated on Yelagin Island and was based on Ylagin Palace Park, built for Empress Maria Fyodorovna.

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Leningrad Zoo

Leningrad Zoo is located in the Alexandrovsky Park right next to metro station Gorkovskaya. It has been restored recently and nowadays it is really worth visting.

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Mikhailovsky Garden

Mikhailovsky Garden is situated in the very city center, next to Engineer (Mikhailovsky) Castle and is one of the most spectacular parks of Saint Petersburg.

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Moscow Victory Park

Moscow Victory park is situated in Moskovsky District. It was laid out by inhabitants of Saint Petersburg in 1945 and is devoted to the victory in World War II.

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Summer Garden

Summer Garden is one of the well known areas of St.Petersburg and one of the coziest places for recreation in the city center. Nowadays is closed for reconstruction.

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Taurida Garden

Taurida Garden is located on the banks of small river Samoroika next to metro Chernishevskaya. The canals and ponds are artificial together with the "view-point" hills.

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