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Palaces and museums of St. Petersburg - Suvorov Memorial Museum

Suvorov Memorial Museum was founded in honor of the Great Russian Generalissimo Alexander V. Suvorov by the decree of Nicolas the second. Donations for its construction came from the broad circles of the military and of civil society. It necessary to notice that Nicolas the second was the main patron of the construction of "the temple-monument". The magnificent building was constructed under the supervision of architects Alexander von Gogen and Hermann Grimm on the money donated by volunteers nationwide. A fortress-like museum (its central feature resembles a multitier fortress tower, crowned with a tent) with the facades of the wings decorated with two monumental mosaic panels which were created by Maslennikov y Zoshenko, is a brilliant sample of the traditional techniques of Russian architecture: the coat of arms of Suvorov's family located on the central tower above the entrance is made of mosaics; the facade is also decorated by arms and armour; the entrance is made in the style of old Russian palace porch. The solemn opening and consecration of the church Suvorov museum took place on the day of 175-year anniversary of the commander, November 13, 1904 (by the old style), in the presence of Emperor Nicholas II.

In connection with the revolutionary events the museum was closed and re-opened only in 1951, not as a memorial, but as a military-historical. In 1991 the museum was returned to the initial status and it became known as the State memorial museum of Suvorov.


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