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Palaces and museums of St. Petersburg - Fyodor Dostoevsky Literary and Memorial Museum 

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Literary and Memorial Museum is situated in the very heart of the city in the corner of the Dostoevskogo str. and Kuznechniy lane. During his life Dostoevskiy changed about 20 addresses. However among all addresses the favorite one is the apartment situated in Kuznechniy lane, not far from St.Vladimir’s Cathedral. In that very apartment Dostoevskiy took up his residence in October 1878 and lived there till his death. Also he wrote his great roman “Karamazov Brothers” in that very apartment. The memorial flat, restored to its original state with the help of archive materials, photographs and memoirs by the writer's contemporaries, was turned into a museum in 1971. The display includes editions of Dostoyevsky's books published during his lifetime, a collection of illustrations for them, books and photographs signed by the writer and his famous contemporaries, manuscripts and portraits.

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