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Palaces and museums of St. Petersburg - Alexandr Pushkin Apartment Museum

Alexander Pushkin Apartment Museum is one of the most famous museums in Saint Petersburg which is situated on 12, Moika river embankment and which is known as the last residence of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. During 5 years Pushkin had to change the accommodation many times and finally he settled in the eleven-room apartment on the first floor of this house on Moika river, stretching in two parallel enfilades with the guest rooms opened on the Moika river and the dwelling rooms on the yard.  There Pushkin, mortally wounded at the duel, died on January 29, 1837, and there one can see things that belonged to Pushkin and his family. The poet spent two agonizing days on a bed made for him on a big leather-upholstered sofa in his study, before death came on February, 10.

When the apartment was restored to look exactly as it did in at the time of Pushkin’s death with each room housing authentic belongings of the poet's family, memorial museum was opened. The study, where Pushkin spent his last days contains the poet's library (4,000 volumes in European and oriental languages), his writing desk, his favorite chair, a little bureau beside the couch, an inkstand with the bronze figure of an Ethiopian boy, walking sticks and a portrait of Zhukovsky, bearing the inscription: “To the victorious pupil from the vanquished master”.

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