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 Monuments and Historical Sites of St. Petersburg - Field of Mars

The Field of Mars or Marsovo Polye is a large park named after the Mars - Roman god of war situated in the center of Saint-Petersburg, with an area of about 9 hectares. Used as the parade ground for the Imperial Guards early in the 18th century, the Field of Mars was turned into a burial place for heroes of February Revolution and the Civil War, which was marked by the erection of a low-lying granite Monument to Revolutionary Fighters with an eternal flame flickering in the center. On 6 November 1957 in the center of the Field was lit an Eternal Flame. It was the first in Russia. From here the Flame was delivered to Moscow in 1967 and was placed near Kremlin wall on the Tomb of Unknown Soldier. The Flame from the Field of Mars also burns on Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery and on other memorials in Saint-Petersburg.

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