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 Cathedrals and churches of Saint Petersburg - Trinity (Troitsky) Cathedral

Each regiment in Russia used to have its own church. As well as Preobrazenskiy regiment, one of the oldest guard regiments the Izmailovsky regiment had a church of its own. Originally it was a small tent which was transferred into a proper large wooden church with two altars consecrated in the name of the Savior of the Trinity, but in 1824 the church was completely destroyed by the flood. After that the Trinity Cathedral was rebuilt by the decree of Nicolas. The project was commissioned to the architect Stasov. On May 13, 1828, the construction of the Cathedral began.The newly built sight rises to a height of more than 80 meters, and dominates the skyline of the surrounding area. Memorial plaques to regimental officers killed in battles were mounted on the cathedral's walls. After official opening the flags, keys from forts and other trophies that the regiment won in campaigns in 1854–1855 and 1877–1878 were also housed in the cathedral.

The Trinity Cathedral was renowned for its collection of icons. The main section of the cathedral housed the Nativity icon, while the southern section housed the Jesus Christ icon. In post-revolutionary period the Cathedral used as a storage-house, that caused the great damages to the interior and exterior. Only in 1990 the cathedral returned to the Russian Orthodox Church, and the restoration began. On August 25, 2006 the Trinity Cathedral was badly damaged by the fire. The fire erupted after 5 pm, and burned through scaffolding outside the central dome of the Cathedral. The central dome collapsed and one of four smaller cupolas surrounding it was also destroyed. The most valuable icons and other items had been saved, and that structural damage beneath the roof area was minor. After that it was decided to restore the Cathedral as quick as possible and the restoration was completed in 2010. 

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