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Cathedrals and churches of Saint Petersburg

Created with the luxurious interiors and majestic icons, cathedrals and churches of Saint-Petersburg were mostly demaged during the wars and siege of leningrad, a lot of them were closed or turned into museums during the Soviet times. But nowadays they are restored, the interiors are reconstructed and you could enjoy the magnificence and glory of Russian ortodoxe architecture.

Alexander Nevsky Laura

The territory of the Laura features Church of Annunciation, Trinity Cathedral and 3 cemeteries. In 1797 the monastery got a status of Laura – a monastery of the highest rank.

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Church of Saviour on the Spilt Blood

Built by the order of Alexander III it is situated on the same spot, where Alexander II was mortally wounded. The church is famous for it's unique mosaics, glazed bricks and colourful cupolas.

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Kazan Cathedral

The cathedral constructed to house the miracle-power icon of Lady of Kazan is an active Cathedral, open for visitors, although it is also a kind of museum of Russian war glory

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Peter and Paul's Cathedral

It is the most notable building in the complex of Peter and Paul’s Fortress, it is not only the symbol of the city, but also the royal sepulcher of Russian tsars.

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Sampson Cathedral

It is one of the oldest churches of the city, which was created to commemorate the victory at the Battle of Poltava. Nowadays it is an actice cathedral.

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St.Isaac's Cathedral

It is a remarkable monument of the 19th century architecture and one of the most known symbols of Saint Petersburg with a great panoramic view from the collonade.

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St.Nicolas Cathedral

The Naval Cathedral, bearing the official name of St. Nicholas and the Epiphany Cathedral is one of the symbol of Saint Petersburg, blessing it as a city of naval glory.

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Transfiguration (Preobrazhensky) Cathedral

Its construction was dedicated to soldiers and officers of the Guards who had assisted Elizabeth in coming to the Russian throne. Nowadays itis the most visited cathedral in the city.

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Trinity (Troitsky) Cathedral

Original church, built for the Izmailovsky Regiment, was several times destroyed by floods and fires. Restored in 2010 for the last time, nowadays it boasts the richest collection of icons.

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