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Bridges of Saint Petersburg - Volodarskiy Bridge

The first bridge on this site was built in early 1930s. According to the plan of development of   St. Petersburg it was constructed as a transport artery to connect the city center with its South-eastern part. Finished in 1936 by the project of the architect G. Perederiy, Volodarsky Bridge combined simple design with technical innovations of that time. The spans were covered with industrial looking arches supported by metal beams. The drawbridge spans of 43,6 meters wide and 101 meter long were the first to be covered by trusses connected with elements, which where produced by electric welding; moreover, the bridge builders were the first to use gigantic pontoons to transfer the heavy reinforced flexible arches from the factory to the bridge construction site; and also the Volodarsky bridge builders where the first to use a steel framework reinforcement system relying on metal tubes filled with concrete.

The modern bridge was finished in 1993. The metal beams and arches were removed from the bridge to prevent the crush of the bridge, caused by increasing traffic and pressure. Those old arches are still kept in one of the city’s suburbs. The old bearings were covered with the new granite layer. Nowadays a fife-span Volodarsky bridge is 362.8 meters long and 36.8 meters wide.

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