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Bridges of Saint Petersburg - Tuchkov Bridge

Named after the famous merchant Avraam Tuchkov, whose storehouses were located on the embankment nearby, the Tuchkov Bridge was mounted in 1758. This first wooden bridge used to be the longest bridge in St. Petersburg in the 18th century – about 900 meters long. But after several reconstructions in 1833-1835 a many-bayed wooden bridge was shortened and got one opening section for vessels to pass underneath. In 1870 after the bridge was completely destroyed by the fire, it was reconstructed to the 20-spanned wooden bridge and in 1960s it was finally replaced with a new modern bridge with 3 concrete spans and almost 50 meters long drawing section made of durable welded steel material. Designed by the architects P. Areshev and L. Noskov, the modern 216 meters long and 36 meters wide Tuchkov Bridge has 20 bays granite piers and parapets with granite stairs from the bridge to the water. Nowadays it is the widest bridge across Neva River and one of the busiest bridges in the city. Connecting Vasilievsky Island with the city center, this transport artery is serving the route to the most popular islands of St. Petersburg – Krestovsky, Elagin and Kameny islands.

NB! You can visit this bridge during city tours or night boat tour.

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