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Bridges of Saint Petersburg - Trinity (Troitskiy) Bridge

The Trinity Bridge is the third permanent bridge across the Neva River, built in St. Petersburg after the Blagoveshensky Bridge and the Palace Bridge.  The ten-part 582 meters long and 23,6 meters wide bridge was finished in 1903 for the 200th anniversary of Saint Petersburg. The construction and design of the bridge was created by the French firm "Batignolles". The Trinity Bridge is considered to be one of the most impressive bridged in the city boasting magnificent floor lamps and obelisks. The bridge features richly decorated railings, decorated with the emblem of St. Petersburg candelabras, two impressive pyramid-like obelisks made of two different sorts of granite and decorated at their foundations with four-sided platforms, which support the framework of the round lamps.

Nowadays the Trinity Bridge serves as an important transport artery in the city center, connecting Suvorovskaya square next to the Marsovo Field with the Kamennoostrovsky Prospect on Petrogradskaya Side.

NB! You can visit this bridge during city tours or night boat tour.

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