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Bridges of Saint Petersburg - Lomonosov Bridge

Originally built as a part of seven-bridge composition by the French engineer Perrone on the Fontanka River (only 3 bridges are preserved till these days - Lomonosov, Anichkov and Staro-Kalinkin Bridge), the Lomonosov Bridge appeared on this site in the middle on 18th century. Till 1948 it was called Chernishov Bridge  in honor of general G.Chernishev, whose estate situated nearby and who took part in battles near Narva and Poltava. The stone bridge had 3 similar arched spans and the wooden middle drawing span. Four magnificent square towers with round urns on top and massive metal chains, reminding about an old drawing mechanism, were preserved during many reconstructions of the bridge. In 1912 by the project of architect I.Fomin and engineer A.Pshenitsky the wooden parts of the bridge were replaced. The last maintenance works took place in 1980s, when 57,12 meters long and 14,66 meters wide bridge was restored and 4 stone obelisks with six-sided lamps and gilded sea horses were returned to each corner of the bridge.

NB! You can see this bridge during city tours or boat tours.

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