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Bridges of Saint Petersburg - Liteyniy Bridge

The history of building the Liteyny Bridge is connected with many tragedies and difficulties. The first constant bridge on this site was founded in August 1875, but the builders of the bridge faced the first problems very soon after: the Neva River has its maximum depth (24 meters) in the vicinity of the bridge, the bottom of the river is not stable enough, and on the spot of one pier the builders found a sunk barge. During the next two years of constructing there were two fatal accidents: in 1876 5 persons sank, in 1877 – 20 persons were killed with an explosion. Only in September 1878 the 6-span bridge with one opening span in the middle was finished. Soon after the opening, the bridge was equipped with electrical lights - the innovation of Russian inventor P. Yablochkov. It was the first bridge to get electrical lighting system in the world. The cast-iron railings with images of 2 mermaids, holding the city emblem, designed by architect K.Rahau, were saved during the further reconstructions in 1960s and used in decorations of the modern bridge. Named after the Liteiny Dvor (the foundry, build on the left bridge of The Neva River in 1711), Liteiny bridge is the most convenient way to get from the city center via Liteiny prospect to the Vyborgskaya Side of the city and Finlandsky train station.

NB! You can see this bridge during the city tour or night boat tour.

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