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Bridges of St. Petersburg - Lions Bridge 

Crossing the Griboedova Canal in the vicinity of the famous Mariinsky theater and the Theater Square, the Lions Bridge is one of the city landmarks. This diminutive 22,4 meters long and 2,2 meters wide pedestrian bridge was created by the famous bridge architects of 19th century G.Tretter and V. Khristianovich, who were the creators of the Egyptian and Bank bridges also. The first wooden bridge was constructed in 1826 as a small pedestrian chained bridge with the group of statues, guarding the entrance to the bridge. The four magnificent cast-iron lions were created by the sculptor Peter Sokolov, the author of Sphinxes on Egyptian Bridge and Griffons on the Bank Bridge. The sculptures of lions were meant not only as a decoration of the bridge, but also as a way to hide the innovation system of suspending the bridge - decorated in grey and gold chains. After several reconstructions, the bridge got its modern look with majestic railing, floor lamps and lanterns.

NB! You can see this bridge during the city tours.

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