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Bridges of Saint Petersburg - Finland Railway Bridge

In fact Finlandsky Railway Bridge consists of 2 separate one-way bridges, build closely to each other. The first bridge was built in 1910-1912 by the project of architect Apyshkov as a one way railroad bridge with 4 similar arched spans of 110 meters long and a two-wing drawing span in the middle. The arched design of the bridge makes it look like a Bolsheokhtinsky bridge. The total length of the bridge (with the adjoining overpass) is 1139 meters, but the bridge itself is only 538 meters long. In 1983-1987 the second bridge was built in the parallel to the existing one. The architect Rusin constructed the new bridge with the same 4 arched spans of 110 meters long and a drawing one-wing span.

In 1988 the old bridge was closed for railroad traffic because of heavy corrosion damage and the old drawing spans and mechanism were dismantled. In 2002-2003, due to Ladozhsky Train station construction, the Finlandsky Railway Bridge was fully reconstructed and the new raising up span for the first bridge was mantled. The Finlandsky Bridge is the most important railroad transport artery of the Nothern Capital, connecting Russian railways with the Finnish Railways.

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