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Bridges of Saint Petersburg - Egyptian Bridge

The original Egyptian Bridge got its name after the style of its decorations. The original chained bridge was adorned with a pair of cast-iron gates featuring Egyptian-style columns, ornaments and hieroglyphics. Its granite piers were topped with cast-iron sphinxes and hexagonal lanterns. In 1905 the wooden bridge crushed while a cavalry squadron was marching it. The temporary bridge was built in couple of months in the vicinity of the existed one and was used for the next 50 years.    

The modern Egyptian Bridge was mounted on its original place only in 1956. According to the plan of architects Vasilkovsky and Arsheev, the new bridge spans the Fontanka River at an angle of 20 degrees. The modern bridge has only one span with double-jointed frame and metal welded cross section. Old cast-iron sculptures of magnificent sphinxes were restored and places at the entrances to the bridge on both sides of the river. Also during this reconstruction appeared new railings and obelisks with lanterns.

NB! You can see this bridge during city tour or boat trip.

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