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Bridges of Saint Petersburg - Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge

The history of Bolsheokhtinsky bridge (known also as The Peter The Great Bridge) goes back to the 1901, when the plan of engineer G. Krivoshein and architect Apishkov was approved and the construction process started. In 1911 the technically unique bridge was opened for the traffic to connect St. Petersburg's central part not far from Smolny Institute with the Okhtinsky suburb of the city.

The three-part bridge 334,3 meters long and 23,5 meters wide, the Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge was the first bridge in Saint Petersburg with electrical mechanical system of elevating the drawing wings quickly as well as the backup option that allowed for manpower to draw up the span in a period of 11 to 26 minutes. Two other spans of the bridge were constructed as 136 meters long metal arches, which allowed cars and pedestrians pass underneath. The modern and very impressive Bolsheoktinsky Bridge was designed as a railroad-like bridge with two granite lighthouse-like towers with four-sided cube lamps on top.

NB! You can see this bridge during city tour or night boat tour.

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