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Bridges of St. Petersburg - Blagoveshensky
(Lieutenant Schmidt) bridge

The very first constant bridge across the Neva River and the first drawing bridge on the way from the Gulf of Finland to the center of Saint Petersburg, the Blagoveshinsky Bridge was opened on 12th  of November in 1850. It was named after the Blagoveshenskaya Church on the left bridge of Neva, but in 5 years, after the death of Russian Emperor Nicholas I, the bridge was re-named to Nikolaevsky Bridge. In 1918 the bridge got its third name after Lieutenant Peter Schmidt - a Russian officer and a hero of the 1905 revolution, who organized uprising of the Black Sea Fleet and was executed by the tsarist government. On the wall of the central pavilion of the bridge you can see the commemorative tablet in his honor. 

In 2006 the total reconstruction of the bridge began with the building of new, temporary bridge close to the existed one. Inhabitants of St.Petersburg immediately called this temporary bridge "Lieutenant Schmidt's Son". In 2 years, on 15th  of August 2007, the newly built bridge was opened for pedestrians and transport. The bridge got its original appearance (changed during the reconstruction in 1930s) and its first name - Blagoveshensky. Playing an important role as the gate to the city for sea-going vessels, this 24 meters wide and 301 meters long bridge offers wonderful panoramic views to the Admiralty and University Embankment.

NB! You can see this bridge during city tour or night boat tour.

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