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ROUTES 1 class 2 class
Moscow-Irkutsk 27500 RUR

670 EUR
15750 RUR

385 EUR
Moscow-Irkutsk-Vladivostok 43200 RUR

1055 EUR
23950 RUR

585 EUR
The price is per person

Prices for more transsib routes

Trans-Siberian Railway - it just can't be too much impressions. To explore Russia means to travel along the Trans Siberian Railway by train.

Trans Siberian Railway
- Transsib will bring you from Moscow to Vladivostok through the territory of two continents - Europe and Asia. Trans siberian railroad is the longest railway in the world. It takes about 5772 miles. Just imagine, you get on a train in Europe and get it off in Asia! You will be impressed by the difference between industrial Europe and wild Siberia. On your way you will visit as many Russian cities as you wish (see the trans siberian map below).  Book transsiberian tour

Trans-Siberian sights
You will discover that each Transsib city is unique with its nature, culture and landmarks.
In Ekaterinburg you will cross the border between Europe and Asia and get a certificate as a souvenir!
In Perm you will see fantastic Kungur Ice cave - the only ice cave in Russia that is specially equipped for visiting tourists!

Magnificent Russian landscapes out of the window of your train will be your fellow travelers during your trans siberian railway tour: virgin forest, mountains, plains, rivers and lakes.

The highlight of your trans siberian railway journey will be Lake Baikal. The deepest lake of the planet will open for you its unique virgin nature and divers species of animals and fish, which you will never see anywhere else.
A few days stop in Irkutsk will let you enjoy Baikal and then, if you want, you may travel into another direction – to Ulan-Bator and Beijing (see the trans siberian map below) or continue exploring mysterious Russia. Please contact us and we will arrange your trans siberian tour. To choose your tour please click here. In our agency you can book any hotel.Please click here.

Normally Trans Siberian railway journey starts from Moscow. BUT! In our agency you may book Trans Siberian Railway Tickets not only from Moscow, but also from Saint-Petersburg (see the trans siberian map above). Romantic white nights, open bridges, splendid palaces and parks, countless numbers of museums and theaters will take your breath away.

Please contact us - and we will organize your trans siberian journey at good price!

Trans Siberian Trains
Planning your trans siberian railway tour (To choose your tour please click here. In our agency you can book any hotel.Please click here.), you will have to choose the right trans siberian train. If you travel Russia, you should definitely do it by regular Russian trans siberian train. Don’t miss your chance. Over traditional Russian “train” tea with samovar (a metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in) you will find yourself in the atmosphere of home coziness. Comfortable compartments, helpful train stewardesses and a service compartment will give you the feeling of absolute comfort. Please contact us and we will find the right trans siberian railway train for you and organise cheap trans siberian railway tickets.
Trans Siberian Tickets
  • And of course, what is your trans siberian railway tour without a Transsib ticket like? Before you set off, you have to buy trans siberian railway tickets. To get a trans siberian railway ticket for the trans siberian train you prefer and travel in the class you wish, you need to book your trans siberian tour a few months in advance or at least not later than 45 days before departure of a train.
  • The trans siberian ticket consists of two parts: Route Ticket or Berth Card ('Bilet' in Russian) which is valid for 3 months from the day you bought it and Ticket ('Plazkarta' in Russian) with all the details: number of your train, carriage and bed, your arrival and depature times.
  • On the Ticket (Bilet) there is information about the starting point of your trans siberian raiway tour and its destination, for example, Moscow - Ulan-Bator. To the Ticket you have to buy as many Platzkartas as you make stops, for example, for the Ticket Moscow - Ulan-Bator (with 2 stops - in Ekaterinburg and Irkutsk) you should buy 3 Berth cards (Platzkartas): Moscow - Ekaterinburg, Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk, Irkutsk - Ulan-Bator.
  • About the availability and trans siberian railway prices, please contact us. We will arrange your trans siberian railway tour at best price. Just inform us what you want to see, which cities you plan to visit and how long it might last. Or if you are not sure, we will be always happy to give you a piece of advice.
Train Tickets Delivery
We can deliver your Tickets wherever you want by courier service. The price depends on the destination. Please contact us to find out the cost. Or you can pick up your train tickets free of charge in our Saint-Petersburg office.

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