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Tourist packages for Trans-Siberian Travel - Transsib Package Tours
We offer individual Trans Siberian Package tours for 2-3 weeks. This kind of service can be interesting for those, who do not want to create their own programme and want to buy the already prepared and calculated package. We have different options to suggest you: winter offers, summer packages, classic or alternative package tours, etc.
St.Petersburg - Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk
(12 days/11 nights)  SPECIAL OFFER!
Moscow - Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk
(12 days/11 nights)
Moscow - Irkutsk - Vladivostok
(15 days/14 nights)  SPECIAL OFFER!
(17 days/16 nights)
Touristic Packages for combined tours:
Trans-Siberian + Trans-Mongolian o Trans-Manchurian
Together with the Transsib Tourism the travellers nowadays are interested in Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian routes. For these cases we offer our combined tour packages - with the travel across the territory of Russia up to Ulan-Bator or Beijing.
Moscow - Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk - Ulan-Bator
(16 days/15 nights)
Moscow - Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk - Beijing
(18 days/17 nights)

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