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Transport System - Giong to Saint Petersburg
By air

There are two major airports located close to St.Petersburg: Pulkovo 1 and Pulkovo 2. Domestic flights and flights from CIS countries as well as international charter flights arrive to Pulkovo I, while Pulkovo II is an international airport located about 5 km from Pulkovo 1.  Both airports have all the necessary facilities, including shops, banks, ATMs, currency exchange, airlines offices, luggage storage (opened 24 hours); Pulkovo II has been recently renovated. To get to the Pulkovo I airport on your own, one should either take bus or mini-bus #39 from Moskovskaya Metro station or take a taxi.  To get to the Pulkovo II airport on your own, you should take bus or mini-bus #13 from Moskovskaya Metro Station (about 15-25 minutes ride) or take a taxi. There is also a marshrutka K-213 from Sennaya Ploshad metro to Pulkovo 2 airport.

By train

You may also come to St.Petersburg by train, which is relatively cheap. There are 5 train stations in St. Petersburg, all of them located in the center, near the metro stations, and are easy to access. To get from/to Scandinavian countries it's better to use a daily train that arrive to Finlandsky station (local trains directions: Vyborg, Zelenogorsk) and some trains to Ladozhsky railway station (directions: Helsinki (Finland), Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk, Urals, Kazakhstan). To travel to/from Moscow by train, you will need to get to Moskovsky railway station (directions: Novgorod, north of Russia (Karelia, Murmansk), Urals (Ekaterinburg), South Russia (Krasnodar), Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan), Caucasus (Azerbaidzhan, Armenia), which is in the middle of St.Petersburg main street - Nevsky Prospect. 

Suburban trains to Pushkin and Pavlovsk, trains to Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa), Belorussia (Minsk, Brest), Moldavia, Novgorod and Smolensk, some local trains (Pushkin, Pavlovsk) depart from Vitebsky railway station; Varshavsky railway station is turned into a museum and entertaining center nowadays. Local trains to Gatchina, Lomonosov and a lot of other places arrive to Baltiisky railway station. All the train stations in St. Petersburg, have all the necessary facilities: luggage storage (24h), bank, ATM, post office, rent-a-car, business center (with internet access). It usually takes about 10-20 minutes to buy a ticket for a long-distance train, and 5 minutes to buy a ticket for a suburban train. You need to show your passport to buy a long-distance train ticket.

By boat

Travelling by boat can be one of the easiest ways to come to St.Petersburg since a tourist does not need a visa while buying a cruise if he/she spends every night on board the cruise ship. Passenger sea vessels dock at the port Marine Facade on Vasilievsky Island. In summer river cruisers between Moscow and Petersburg run along the Volga and across Ladoga Lake; and these ships dock at Petersburg’s River Terminal.

By bus

To get from/to Baltic and Scandinavia states it's convenient to use comfortable buses, offering a cheaper alternative to the train. There are a number of coaches departing from the central St. Petersburg Bus Station, located on Naberegnaya Obvodnogo Kanala, 36, Eurolines terminal situated near Baltiyskaya metro station and Ecolines terminal in front of Vitebsky train station.

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